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How it started? The Unmask Money Journey.

After spending nearly two decades as a VP in the banking industry, Katie felt a nudge to leave her corporate office to teach women how to transform their lives by taking control of their finances. Today, she helps women with all things money; how to make it, manage it, and talk about it.

She attempted to bring her dream of teaching women about money to fruition when she approached an executive bank management team with her ideas. She was told it wouldn’t work because it wasn’t a profitable endeavor for the bank to teach women about money. She took that “No” to fuel her passion. She stopped trying to find a seat at the corporate table when it came to women and banking, and she decided to create her own. She works with women and their spouses, as well as with female business owners and their employees.

Throughout her banking career and as a Financial Coach, Katie has helped hundreds of clients, both individuals and corporations, gain clarity and peace of mind about their money. Using a combination of behavioral money techniques along with strategy, Katie helps women think, feel, communicate and behave differently with money in order to improve their overall wellbeing and relationships. She has seen first hand the improvement in women’s lives when they are able to go from money mess and stress to clarity and growth.

Upon graduating from college, Katie immediately began her banking career. She worked her way up the corporate ladder and became involved with various non-profits. She has served on prestigious boards and advisory panels, and has earned various business awards and accolades.

Katie most recently earned a certification from the University of Texas’ College of Human Dimensions of Organizations for Organizational Improvement, and is also a licensed Real Estate Agent. She led her church’s marriage ministry, hosting and leading Created For Connection workshops to help couples improve their communication and marriage.

When Katie is not working with clients and side-hustling, homeschooling her two teenage boys, and hanging out with her husband, she is reading books, listening to podcasts, and looking for any excuse to talk on the phone or meet up with her best girlfriends.

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