Financial Wellness Coaching for Women.

I teach women all things money - how to make it, manage it, and talk about it so they can improve their overall wellbeing and relationships.


Hi, I’m Katie.

After spending nearly two decades as a VP in the banking industry, Katie felt a nudge to leave her corporate office to teach women how to transform their lives by taking control of their finances. Today, she helps women with all things money; how to make it, manage it, and talk about it.

She attempted to bring her dream of teaching women about money to fruition when she approached an executive bank management team with her ideas. She was told it wouldn’t work because it wasn’t a profitable endeavor for the bank to teach women about money. She took that “No” to fuel her passion. She stopped trying to find a seat at the corporate table when it came to women and banking, and she decided to create her own. She works with women and their spouses, as well as with female business owners and their employees.

Unmask Money Podcast

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The personal stories and experiences from Katie Gibbons, a homeschool mom and entrepreneur, that will impact your financial freedom and security. By providing financial education and coaching, she helps women manage their money so they can gain clarity and peace of mind. 

Podcast #3

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